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Josh Aitken


I believe we were designed for a purpose, to complete a task greater than ourselves. A mission to help another achieve unending dreams. It is a goal to aid others to reach their full potential.  Then if we are so blessed, have the opportunity to witness, watch that individual or family blossom into community servant leaders, truly is nothing short of amazing.

Growing up my home was a beacon of hope. It was my refuge. A shelter from storms. A safeguard where I was certain I could find love, comfort, and stability.  Therefore, home was a shining light. It was a place where my fondest memories were made, laughter was shared for hours, and the foundation that built me as a man.

Unfortunately, the reality is, that not everyone is as lucky to have that bright haven. Some have to press-on the best they can.  Sadly, that may mean renting a single bedroom for four in a home that already has a family in it. Then not having the freedom to use the kitchen when they are hungry and need to prepare food, or the access to utilize the restrooms at will.  These are the dark circumstances many applicants of the Grand Island Area Habitat for Humanity find themselves in.

Fortunately, in America, the Declaration of Independence states all are created equal. Therefore, anyone has the three unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The word pursuit is the pivotal key. Not all are willing to put in the sweat equity to bring their visions to life. The families that meet the comprehensive qualifications of the application process, have the drive to get their hands dirty with five hundred hours of work out on the construction site, and time to sit and be attentive through twenty-one classes of homeownership are only then granted the chance to purchase a home from the Grand Island Area Habitat for Humanity.  Those rigors are an astonishing feat for anyone, and one I greatly and wholeheartedly admire.

I believe we were designed to complete a task greater than ourselves. To love one another unconditionally, to see others as they are, and to lift each other in times of need. There is an amazing potential within each and every one of us.  With a hand stretched out wide, let us work together and do our honest best to make the pursuant of the American dream for the dedicated, community-focused families within the Grand Island Area Habitat for Humanity a reality.

- Josh


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