Meet our Campaign



Empowering People, Developing Community

We are proud to have such great leadership in place to help guide the success of this campaign, and we appreciate the support of our volunteers, staff, committees, and community members.

Everyone is committed to helping out. We are proud to be able to say that 100% of our board members, along with the affiliate and ReStore staff, have made contributions to this campaign. We are all working together to provide strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

Honorary Chair

Roger Nelson

Campaign Chairs

Charla and Steve Anderson

Sara and Steve Arnett

Campaign Counsel

Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.

Board of Directors

Brian Schultz - President

Courtney Berg - Vice President

Jennifer Bernth - Secretary

John Nootz - Treasurer

Paula Mayfield - Asst. Treasurer

LeAnne Doose

Bruce Eberle

Tawana Grover

Ryan Heavican

Marla Hixon

Janel Laub

Michael Leggott

Trent Lilienthal

Max Luber

Mitch Maire

Daniel Roth

Loria Lei Thunker

Jan Vavricek

Executive Director

Dana Jelinek

Habitat Affiliate Staff

Megan Cure

Kristin Johnson

We’re impressed by the hard work a Habitat homeowner puts into the process of qualifying for and building their home. We want to do what we can to help more people succeed in this effort, which makes their lives better and our community a stronger place. We love that Habitat offers a hand UP, not a hand out, since Habitat homeowners repay their mortgage.

- Sara Arnett, Capital Campaign Co-Chair

I think Habitat for Humanity is such a great way to help people learn about finances, work as a team, build for the future, become an integral part of producing for themselves and their family, and gaining confidence in their own ability and self-esteem. We need more programs in our country that emulate this ‘character building’ effort to enhance peoples’ lives and families as well as the future for their families and our great country.

- Steve Anderson, Capital Campaign Co-Chair