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Meet the Contestants: Janel Laub and Pixar

This year, Grand Island Area Habitat for Humanity is hosting their first annual Paws for Humanity event! (You may formally know the event name as "Mr. Habitat.")

Paws for Humanity is in partnership with the Central Nebraska Humane Society. This partnership raises awareness for pet homelessness and will also collaborate on adopt-a-pet events. All proceeds will help fund GIAHFH's Career Pathways Institute build for the

2022-2023 school year. This is also a partnership with Grand Island Public Schools in helping students learn valuable life skills through hands on learning of the construction trade.

This year, the following contestants are competing to win the Paws for Humanity crown!

  • Lisa Albers and family with Bouvie, Wickett, and Poopsie

  • Janel Laub with Pixar

  • Michelle Mariani with Chuckwagon Charlie and Little Walley

  • Julie and Dana Wright with Skyler

This post will be focusing on contestants Janel Laub and Pixar!

Janel Laub has been a part of the GIAHFH board for five years. She is an avid community supporter and was excited to jump at the opportunity to run for Paws for Humanity with her beloved golden retriever, Pixar. Here are some fun facts of the duo!

  • Hobbies: I love playing the piano, traveling with my Husband, Brian, music (especially country,) cooking for her family, and reading!

  • Comfort food: Chicken and noodles and most chocolate!

  • Favorite movies: I span a lot of genres on this one! The Sound of Music, Maverick (the 1984 Mel Gibson western,) and Top Gun

  • Best Place I've Visited: Besides home, Mauii is my favorite place in the world! Its weather, people, views, agriculture, ocean, and mountains are all amazing!

  • First concert I attended: I think it was Alabama at the Nebraska State Fair! I wont tickets when I was in high school from KRVN radio! I took my middle brother, Chris. He could care less about music, but I love it!

  • If I Could be an Animal: Welllll... I have aspirations to be like my super Golden Retriever, Pixar. She loves everyone, she's tough as nails, (we don't have a woodchuck issue at our house anymore...) she's beautiful, and she's athletic. BUT...I'm envious of my cat, Jaq. Domestic house cats have it made. Humans take care of every whim and need. They get to sleep when and where they want to. It's a good life!

  • What I Can't Live Without: So many things, but especially Jesus, my husband, kids, Shelby, our granddaughter and Pixar!

  • Pixar's Favorite Toy: She loves her lambie, but she also loves sticks and balls!

  • Pixar's Favorite Place to be: Anywhere with me! She loves hanging out in the back seat of my pickup so she can see other people. She loves sitting under the table at supper time. She loves going to Good Samaritan Retirement Village every week!

  • Pixar's only negative quirk: she hates the toggles on zippers. If I let her near jackets, coats, or purses, she kills the zipper.

  • Pixar's fun quirk: She loves fireworks. She joined our family as a puppy on July 2, so she came home to all sorts of Grand Island area fireworks. She loves watching them. As a gun dog, she doesn't mind loud noises.

  • Pix's tricks: She knows sit, stay, down, come, leave it, but refuses to roll over. She can also catch and fetch.

  • Pixar turned 6 years old on May 12

If you would like to vote for Janel Laub and Pixar, click here. Remember, one dollar equals one vote!

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